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Facebook Ad Tips & Tricks 2023

facebook ad tips and tips 2023

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Facebook has changed dramatically in the past 18 months. iOS 14 forced us to completely rethink our strategy when it comes to running profitable Facebook Ad campaigns.

We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks that should help you improve your campaigns below:

Broad Target is essential for lead & sales volume.

We found that the broader the audience the better campaigns perform, so it’s worth running an ad set with a completely open audience and just tweaking top-level things such as Age, gender & location targeting. If you have to use interests then toggle on ‘detailed targeting expansion’ (in some cases this is on by default on Conversion based campaigns).

Layer and stack everything in the same campaign including Retargeting*

As Facebook now gets much less data from users, we’ve found it’s best to group everything up so the campaign can choose to spend the budget on audiences more likely to meet the campaign goal. So we’d recommended grouping audiences by ad set and layering them up for example putting multiple Lookalike audiences in the same asset. We would recommend trying to run a single campaign, here’s an example of a structure we’d usually try:

Sole Campaign example:

  • Ad set for Remarketing Audiences (examples of audiences to layer together: Web visitors, cart/form abandonment, page engagers, video watchers & customer lists etc)
    • Ad using Dynamic Creative
  • Ad set for Prospecting Lookalikes (layer multiple lookalikes together here I.e 1% purchasers, 1-10% purchasers & 1-10% web visitors. Also remember to exclude converters)
    • Ad using Dynamic Creative
  • Ad set for Prospecting Interests (Layer all relevant interests here & exclude converters)
    • Ad using Dynamic Creative
  • Ad set for Prospecting  Open targeting (can be merged with the ad set above if enabling targeting expansion,  remember to exclude converters)
    • Ad using Dynamic Creative

*You should test running remarketing as a separate campaign too, we’ve just found that it can struggle to spend in a lot of cases

Dynamic Creative is king!*

We’ve seen huge increases in engagement, CTR & Conversion volume when running Dynamic Creative Ads over standard ads, especially on bigger budget campaigns.

*You should still test running standard Ads vs Dynamic creative as what works well for one account may not for another.

Use all available creative fields when using Dynamic Creative

Make sure to use 5 headlines, 5 primary text and at least 5 images when running Dynamic Creative, so Facebook can shuffle test effectively.

Use campaign budget optimisation

This allows Facebook to spend the budget on the ad set that’s likely to deliver the best results, you can’t outsmart the machine!

Test widely different creative

We nearly always find struggling accounts running 5-10 Ads that are basically the same apart from using slightly different coloured backgrounds or emojis! Test very different creative to give Facebook more room to optimise, it also helps counter burnout and high-frequency issues.

For Lead gen, Facebook lead forms are a must!

As Facebook finds it harder to track users, using an on-platform lead form is an amazing way to generate leads, just be careful with only asking for fields that can be auto-populated, so we always recommend adding at least 1 qualifying custom question to increase lead quality.

If you need help with improving your Facebook ad campaigns feel free to contact us for an audit!

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