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8 Things You Should Be Doing On Facebook Ads In 2023

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  1. Have a testing mindset.

If you want to run ads on the META platform, you should have a testing mindset and be willing to test a wide range of creative formats. Some examples of things you can test include interests, broad, lookalikes, founder’s story, customer reviews, User generated content, us vs them, before and after and testimonials. Developing a testing mindset helps you to learn more about your customers and more about how they interact on Instagram and Facebook.


  1. Focus more on creative rather than audiences.

Testing different types of creatives and messaging should be your focal point on the META ads platform. Ultimately you will get more performance by leaning into the creative side of things, not the interest or audience segmentation side.


  1. Use variety in your creative.

It is important to give plenty of thought to your messaging. Some ways to get an idea of what you can do is look through your testimonials and ad comments. The messaging part should be a huge anchor in any part of your creative strategy.


  1. Use your customer’s own words.

Complete in-depth research by going through customer testimonials ad comments to see what your customers are saying about your products. From this, you can use your customer’s own words within your ads.


  1. Conduct radical tests rather than safe iterative tests.

Brands need to be taking much bigger swings to get that performance that they are looking for on their paid social ads.


  1. Move away from a funnel approach.

If you think you need to use an engagement > traffic > conversion campaign to “warm up the pixel”, this is not how Facebook ads works anymore. If you are trying to get people to buy your e-commerce products, you need to set up a sales to purchase campaign, which is the best and easiest way to get people to buy from you.


  1. Don’t expect to get the same level of performance on every product or offer.

It is highly likely that you will have 2 or 3 products that are outperforming the rest on your paid social platforms, therefore it is important to not up your spend or try harder to get your lesser products to sell. If you have different products, you should treat everything like a new creative test.


  1. Don’t believe everything you read or watch!

This means that every time someone talks about cost caps, 3-2-2 or another account structure strategy, you think you need to test them, so you spend all of your money trying to make the strategy work. Everyone has a different way of running their Facebook ads and whilst you should conduct tests, no two accounts are run the same.

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