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Optimised Google Display Network placement list for UK businesses [Cheat Sheet]

Google Display Network Placement List UK

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The Google Display network has over 2,000,000 possible placements allowing you to reach a broad audience who may be interested in your services. Unfortunately the majority of them are poor quality and even worse some are spam websites committing click fraud.

After managing lots of Display campaigns for our clients we’ve compiled lists of high-quality placements that you can add to your campaigns to save you time on excluding poor-quality placements every week.



You may also want to add in local newspaper websites as these are usually high performers, if you’re not local to an area then Wikipedia lists all the relevant UK newspapers.

To add in placements in the new Google Ad interface you just go to the Ad group settings for your Display campaigns and under targeting you can provide a custom list of placements.

Bear in mind you may wish to also exclude the placement as it can still lead to really poor quality traffic.

We also recommend using a keyword list audience and adding content exclusions in the campaign settings to further refine your Display campaigns.

Finally, you may also wish to run a 2nd Display campaign that acts as a fishing campaign to find other high quality placements, you could add the placements above as exclusions to this campaign and let it run with a small budget to find new placements.

By implementing the placement lists above and using a defined keyword audience you can finally have highly effective display advertising campaigns that drive engagement, brand awareness, and conversions!


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