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We help you maximise leads, sales and customer acquisition.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising can be a very effective way to get your business found online and discovered by a mass amount of users.

PPC produces short-term results, unlike SEO, which takes a long time to produce returns.

We produce a tailored paid advertising strategy by analysing and researching your business to find the best way to spend your budget and produce the best ROI for your industry.

Through our analysis, we will identify what your most profitable customer bio is and the best ways to target them to get a fantastically efficient cost per click.

We don’t tie you into a long-term contract and all our PPC services come with a one-off pilot campaign, so you can see if it’s profitable for your industry. Despite what some people may say, Ads don’t work for all industries. Sometimes, there’s just too much competition or the margins are too small to be profitable.

A pilot campaign is a low-risk method of testing the water. It will provide data you can then use to decide if PPC is right for your business. By the end of our pilot campaign, you’ll know:

  • The average cost of each lead or sale
  • How many leads or sales to expect each month

Google Ads

We’re certified in all Google Ad campaigns Search, Display, Shopping and Video to help you get the best return possible.

Facebook Ads

We can narrow down your ideal customer by using intelligent audiences to get you an industry-leading cost per lead.

Microsoft Ads

We can corner the small part of the internet that doesn’t use Google to get you a much reduced cost per click.

LinkedIn Ads

We can launch very tightly targeted LinkedIn Ads to drive high-quality Leads and aid B2B services.


We generate a monthly performance report, allowing you to see exactly where your money is being spent and the impact it is having so you can see the progress made each month.


We charge a small monthly fee based upon how many hours we estimate needed to maintain your account.


We can set up your account from scratch or refine an existing account. You always own the account, too, so if you’re not pleased with our results, you aren’t contracted in or at risk of losing your advertising account.

Online Ads

We write all your Ad copy and refine it for your industry to get the highest click through rate possible.

PPC Audit

We can do one-off PPC account audits to refine your campaigns and show you potential improvements.


By implementing tracking in your website we can find out your ideal customer, optimal pricing points, landing page design and best times to sell your products.

Examples of how LoudDigital’s Analytics can assist your business:

  • Find out where visitors come from
  • Find out what times visitors access your website
  • Where they’re based
  • What platform they used
  • How individual products perform
  • Where users leave your website
  • Why users didn’t make a purchase
  • How to improve your website

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retarget users with tailored messaging

Remarketing allows you to target customers who have already shown an interested in your brand, products or service. You can then use this information to create a marketing campaign specifically tailored to them.

For example you may have Search Ads for when someone searches for Blue Shoes, if that user visits your website but doesn’t purchase you could then add this user into an audience that you can remarket to with a much more engaging ad that includes an offer to entice the user back to your website.

We can setup Dynamic Remarketing Ads through social media websites such as Facebook, so users whom have looked at a product, are then shown the product sporadically whilst browsing, like a digital billboard.

This is a brilliant way to re-capture users who were interrupted before finishing a purchase.

One of the most powerful audiences to target are Basket Abandoners, as these users have shown a high intent to purchase you can target them specific to recapture lost revenue.


Frequently asked questions

PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is a quick way to advertise your business on Search engines such as Google. It’s designed to match keywords withs users search terms.

You can target keywords that users are actively searching that relate to your services or products and craft an Ad that encourages them to take action.

We’re happy to provide a free initial audit to provide you with a list of recommendations before you have to commit to anything so you know we can provide value.

Our fees are bespoke as they’re based on your budget and location targeting as every account is different.


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