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10 Shopify Marketing Ideas to Try


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  1. A great Shopify marketing idea to try is random gifts in packaging. Some examples of this could be including scratch cards or gift vouchers in the packaging of every 100th order, or the use of riddle cards for customers to solve on social media, which could then be rewarded with a gift voucher. Both of these ideas are great for generating a lot more organic social media engagement, as well as adding an incentive for customers to make more orders.
  2. Another great marketing idea for Shopify is using higher-quality packaging. For example, the clothing brand Lucy & Yak are a company that pride themselves on high-quality packaging, with the products coming in a paper bag, which contains an additional stylish bag. To effectively use this marketing idea, sourcing stylish bags to improve brand image and showcase higher quality than competitors is essential. When mastered, this technique can help to generate a good amount of social media engagement and improve brand image.
  3. Finding a relevant women’s charity to partner in exchange for publicity can also be great for the image of your business as it makes the brand more caring and seems less flat, as opposed to a business that does not work alongside a charity. As well as this, the partnership with a women’s charity will allow for giveaways and donations to a worthy cause.
  4. One of the most successful marketing ideas of recent years is to partner with influencers. Finding a relevant influencer or blogger can help to boost a business tenfold as their popularity can, as it says in the name, ‘influence’ fans to buy from your company. If done successfully, partnering with relevant influencers can allow you to increase your social media followers and sales.
  5. Another marketing idea for your business to try is to create outfits on Shopify using a third-party app. This can be featured in blog posts or on influencers’ social media pages, which helps to increase average order value.
  6. Targeting gifters during season events is another fantastic Shopify marketing idea to try. For example, creating a male audience on Facebook and targeting an ad towards them could help to reach an entirely different audience, whilst still producing results. This method is ideal for Christmas, as a male audience will be looking for relevant female gift ideas.
  7. Implementing Hotjar, running heatmaps and using surveys on product pages can be extremely valuable to a business as they allow for online behaviour to be monitored, to work out what can be improved on your website. By using these features, conversion rates can be increased.
  8. One of the more common methods your business may choose to use is email marketing. This is where a business targets existing customers with information that may be relevant to them, such as products they have left in their basket. By re-targeting these potential customers, the conversion rate is likely to increase.
  9. Another great Shopify marketing idea to try is creating a referral program. Statistics show that 90% of customers buy something that their friends recommend. On top of acquiring new customers, a referral program will help to get people talking about your business, whilst creating positive relationships.
  10. A customer loyalty program is a fantastic way of increasing conversions, whilst also developing a strong relationship with customers. A lot of businesses use loyalty programs that come at a price, however, for a small business, it may be a good idea to offer a newsletter subscription. Customers can be rewarded in a variety of ways, not just discounts. They can be given gifts with their orders, free shipping, and loyalty points to name a few.

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