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How to get Performance Max (PMax) campaigns to perform like old Smart Shopping campaigns


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Google has rolled out their Performance Max Upgraded update across any accounts running a Smart Shopping campaign recently.

In accounts that don’t receive a huge amount of data, we’ve seen ROAS drop considerably.

There’s an easy way to optimise your new struggling Performance Max campaign and bring back your old positive ROAS.

First off go to the campaign settings page and enable this setting:

Next go to your Asset Groups settings, pause the asset group that Google generated from your old campaign (It’s essential you pause the one that Google created, as you cannot remove the Headlines, Images and Descriptions from that asset group). Now create a new asset group but leave everything blank other than Business nameFinal URL and click save


This forces Google to only use your Shopping feed as the assets and replicates Smart Shopping campaign performance.

If you need more help optimising your Google Shopping campaigns, get in touch for a free proposal!

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