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VIP Creative is a Hull based video production company.

They approached Loud Digital with the goal of increasing their brands visibility. Specifically for users in Hull searching the web for for Video Production.


VIP Creative’s original website had a load time of over 15 seconds! This was due to a combination of using large file sized images and videos, which looked good but made the website impossible to use effectively, especially on mobile!

Another major issue was the fact their website was less than a year old, but their competition had been around for nearly 10 years!

Finally, they had 0 high-quality backlinks.


We decided to re-build their website from scratch as it was taking too long to try optimise their original bulky website, with SEO & performance in mind we got their loading time down to 2 seconds when tested using GTMetrix. We made sure every image was compressed whilst still looking sharp.

We reverse engineered their competition to find out what websites were linking to them, this gave us an idea of what we needed to do to surpass them.

We outlined a backlink creation strategy to get them to a place that we were confident would help them rise up the results within less than 3 months.

Finally, we re-wrote all their Meta Titles, Descriptions and Heading tags to be enticing and optimised for relevent search terms.


The website went from rank 39th to 1st within the space of three months as forecasted and has stayed there ever since.

Their Organic traffic has doubled since we finished optimising the website.

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