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How to Generate Leads Online as a Tradesman in the UK

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In this post, we are going to explain the process we would recommend following in order to generate leads online as a tradesman in the UK.

How to set up Google Search ads

In this section, we are going to explain how to create a Google Search campaign for a plumber.

  1. The first step when creating a Google Search campaign is to open Google Ads at and click Start Now.
  2. Following the set up of your account, click into campaigns and create a campaign.
  3. After adding a new campaign, you will need to choose your campaign objective. In the case of a tradesman, leads would be the suitable objective, after this you will need to choose your campaign type, which will be search.
  4. Following this, name your campaign.
  5. Next you will need to set your bid strategy to maximise clicks. After around 1 month, this can then be changed to maximise conversions.
  6. We recommend unticking the boxes for “include search partners” and “include display network”.
  7. The next step is to set your location targeting. For a local plumbing business, you are most likely going to want to target a specific town/city or county.
  8. Following this, you need to create your ad groups and set your keywords.
  9. From here, click ‘add keyword’ and add some relevant keywords. Three keyword match types are available to you, exact, phrase and broad. An exact match keyword looks like [this], exact match gives you the most control over who views your ad as it only shows on searches that have the same meaning or intent as the keyword. A good example of a plumbing related exact match keyword is [plumbers near me]. A phrase match uses quotation marks, for example, “plumbers in Hull”. Phrase match keywords allow the ad to be shown on searches that include the meaning of your keyword. Broad match ads show on searches related to your keyword with no limitations therefore they are often more wasteful than phrase or exact. We would recommend using exact match keywords for a tradesman as they require less negative keyword list management.
  10. After setting up your ad groups and keywords, you will be prompted to set your average daily budget.
  11. Once you have set your budget, you will need to create a responsive search ad which is under the ‘ads’ drop down.
  12. Within your responsive search ad, add headlines, descriptions, paths and final URLs. A few examples of headlines for a plumber would be ‘(company name) | Hull’, ‘Plumbing Specialists in Hull’. Descriptions are longer than headlines with a maximum of 90 characters. For this we would recommend using something about your business and why it is unique. Paths are limited to 15 characters each, for this we would recommend putting something like ‘plumbers’ in path 1 and ‘hull’ in path 2. The last part of the RSA to create is the final URL. For this, we would recommend using a link to your contact page.
  13. Following this, go to assets in the ‘ads and assets’ menu bar.
  14. In here, you will need to add all the relevant assets. For example, sitelinks, structured snippets, and callouts. Sitelinks are links to your page that show within your ad. Some examples of sitelinks include “About Us” and “Contact Us”. Structured snippets allow you to list the services you offer and are shown within your ad. Some examples of structured snippets include “boiler service”, “boiler repair” and “boiler fitting”. Finally, callouts promote unique features or offers and other short phrases that may entice someone to choose you. Some examples include “get in touch”, “contact us” and “free quote”.
  15. Finally, you can add negative keyword lists to your campaign. Go into ‘tools and settings’ in the top bar of Google Ads, then click ‘negative keyword lists’. We would recommend adding a competitors list and a general list. In the competitors list, you would include some of the competition within your local area, as well as the big companies. In the general list, you should add words such as “DIY”.
  16. The final step is to apply the list to your new campaign.

Lead Gen Platforms


Registering your business to lead gen platforms like Checkatrade is essential to tradesmen trying to generate leads online. By signing up to these sites, it makes it easier for reputable tradespeople to find work and take on projects.

To get started on Checkatrade, you simply need to fill in a contact form to allow their website to know what trade you offer and what previous experience you have. Like with any competitive industry, it is essential that you make a good impression and provide a good amount of detail that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Checkatrade is a vital part of generating leads as a tradesperson as 8 out of 10 people would choose a Checkatrade checked company over one that has not been checked. Over 16 million people use Checkatrade to find reputable and reliable traders.

In the example above, you can see an example of a good Checkatrade profile. It is good because it has a list of the services offered, a phone number, several reviews of a high rating, photos of their work and a Checkatrade guarantee.

Above is an example of a poor Checkatrade profile. Despite listing the services offered, there are no reviews, logo, or photos of their work.


Similarly to Checkatrade, Bark is another online lead gen platform. It is used by millions of people worldwide to find the service they are looking for.

To join Bark as a tradesperson, you simply need to click ‘join as a professional’ and follow the steps. Like with Checkatrade, it is important to sell your service by explaining as much as possible what experience you have and why customers should choose you over the competition.

The three main promises of Bark are that they will help you to get quality leads, win new clients and grow your business.

My Builder

My Builder is a pay as you go lead gen platform in which you will only pay a fee when details are exchanged between you and your customer. You can sign up to be a trade member by clicking ‘apply today’ on the trade sign up page. At this point you will need to provide your name, phone number and email.

Once you have created your profile, you will need to choose the leads you’re interested in and send your potential customers an introductory message. This step is important as you want to make a good first impression in the hope that the customer shortlists you. At this point you will need to respond and hopefully win the job.

Trust A Trader

Trust A Trader is another lead gen platform in which tradespeople can join and build their business with a valuable reputation.

To join Trust A Trader, you need to head to their join us page and apply online by filling in a contact form or call the number provided. When filling in the online contact form, you will need to provide a phone number so that you can be contacted to discuss your application at a time and date to suit you.

Business Listings

Google Business listings is a free tool that allows you to take charge of the way your business appears online on Google Search and Maps.

In the images below, you can see examples of good and bad Google Business listings. The first one is a poor listing as it is missing several important features. It doesn’t have any reviews, it doesn’t have a service catalogue, photos of completed work, an accurate address or a request a quote button.

The second one is an example of a good Google Business listing as it contains photos of completed work, a phone number and request a quote button, a service catalogue, and an accurate address. On top of this, it has over 100 reviews with a 4.8-star rating.

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