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Dermatique high-quality eczema creams and was interested in trying our AdWords Solutions.

We built their Google AdWords account from scratch and implemented Single Keyword Adgroups (SKAGs) to increase Quality score and CTR hugely.

They had not made a profit from Adwords in over a year! We deep-dived into their search term reports every week to fine-tune the account and improve the profitability of the account.

We also improved the conversion rates of their Ads by AB testing Ad copy and the outcome is shown below, conversions skyrocketed and they hit profitability for the first time in 12 months:

We also dramatically improved the number of transactions a month from Google Ads and reduced their budget by a third. The graph below shows the growth of transactions from Google Ad users who visited the website:


  • Tripled the Conversion Rate
  • Implemented Google Shopping Campaigns
  • Increased ROI from 0.7 to 2
  • Assisted in the re-design of product pages to help the conversion rate
  • Implemented MailChimp Email Automatons that now make up 20% of monthly revenue.

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