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5 Plugins we Recommend for a Brand-new WordPress Website

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This post will detail 5 key plugins we recommend for your WordPress website. All of these plugins are key components in setting up a professional and safe website experience for you and your customers. From security to design, our recommended 5 plugins will help you to kickstart your brand-new WordPress website.

  • SEO Framework – SEO Framework is another plugin we highly recommend. This plugin helps to rank your website distinctively, whilst automatically generating titles and descriptions according to the guidelines set out by Google. Find out more about the SEO Framework plugin and download it here:
  • Elementor – Arguably the most important plugin we recommend downloading. The Elementor plugin gives you access to over 40 free widgets to drag and drop onto your website, making website building simplistic and professional looking. Some examples of widgets you can access with this plugin include headings, images, text editor and videos, allowing you to build your site from scratch. Find out more about the Elementor plugin and download it here:
  • Elementor Pro – The Elementor Pro plugin is a paid and more extensive version of Elementor. Similarly to Elementor, you gain access to a range of different widgets, however you will also have a lot more to choose from, Elementor Pro gives you access to over 100+ widgets. To download Elementor Pro, you will need to already have Elementor installed. You can find out more about Elementor Pro and how to download it here:
  • Wordfence – Another plugin we recommend is Wordfence. This tool is a firewall and security scanner which helps to keep your website secure against any threats and malicious traffic. We highly recommend Wordfence above any other firewall and security plugins due to their round the clock work to fight against security threats. You can find out more about Wordfence and download it here:
  • GTM4WP – GTM4WP stands for Google Tag Manager for Word Press. This plugins places the GTM container code snippets onto your WordPress website so you don’t have to go through and add them manually. This plugin helps to complement your GTM setup. You can read more about this plugin and download it here:

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