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How to do Local SEO Marketing in 2020 – Quick Wins


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This is a guide for all you small businesses out there that can’t afford SEO but would like to do a bit of DIY SEO.

We’re going to focus mainly on Google My Business and hyperlocal marketing strategies.

To start with setup listings on the following websites (and by setup I mean complete every single section thoroughly and consistently):

Its vital to make your Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) the same across all listings.

The next steps are as follows:

  1. Optimise Your Google My Business Listing – Include images, add as many relevant categories as possible and fill out every section.
  2. Get Customer Reviews (And Plenty of Them) – Ask your customers to leave you an honest review, this has a huge impact!
  3. Optimize Your Site for Hyperlocal Customers – Setup dedicated pages for each service and location you cover
  4. Create High-End Local Content – Create a relevant blog post about your local area and the services you offer.
  5. Use a Tight Radius for Paid Ads – Setup some highly targeted Google Ads
  6. Target Hyperlocal Keywords – It’s very difficult to rank for the word Plumber, it’s much easier to rank for Plumber in Hull.

Doing the above will put you ahead of most of your local competition, if you’d like to go into more depth then our Guide to Ranking highly on Google Maps is worth a read


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