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How to generate leads as a local business using PPC

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Generating high quality leads is tough, there’s lots of platforms that are meant to exist to make this easier such as Bark, Checkatrade & ApprovedIndex. Unfortunately there’s a huge amount of competition and the fees that come with the platform make them a very poor return on investment for most businesses.

The most effective way of doing local lead generation is through your own website. This can be done by improving the traffic and visibility of your business’s website by finding out what queries your potential customers use and then either ranking for them organically (link to local seo blog) or using PPC in the form of Google Ads.

By using pay-per-click advertising (PPC), you massively increase your business’s visibility and the potential to drive a large amount of high quality leads that can be scaled to match your goals.

How do I create PPC Ads?

First find out which platform most of your customers could be reached on, this is typically Google Ads. Then setup Ads that appeal to your potential clients and stand out from the competition.


Keywords are terms that search engine users type into Google to find information about their query. Be smart with your keyword targeting, the best keywords for your PPC ads are the ones that are related to your services or products. For example, if you’re a plumber, you would want to use keywords like “Plumbers in Hull” or something along those lines. 

You need to be careful with your choice of keywords as you can easily waste money with bad match types. This is where Negative Keywords come into play and allow you to reduce the waste, for example if you sell Night Stands you would want to add “one night stand” as a negative keyword.

Ad Copy & Headlines

Now that you have your keywords, it’s time to create your first Ad and write your first Copy. Your headlines should include enticing and essential information that will appeal to a potential customer and encourage them to become a lead. 

If you create an Ad that just says “Plumber in Hull” then you’re going to get a lot less clicks than a competitor using a headline of “#1 Plumber in Hull | 24/7 Help”

Landing Pages

You should have a dedicated page for each of your PPC ad-groups. The page should contain all the essential information that a potential customer would likely want to know before becoming a lead, this reduces the friction and steps that someone would have to take if they had to navigate your website without landing pages.

If you would like help generating more leads for your business through your own, then please contact us for a free proposal.

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