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The Best Facebook Ad Tips & Tricks 2020


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Here’s a collection of Facebook tips and tricks that we’ve discovered after spending over £50,000 on Ads this year:

1) The majority of placements have terrible returns!

The News Feed (specifically mobile) is by far the best performer for our clients.

2) Your audience & targeting is everything!

It doesn’t matter how good your product or website is if your targeting is off you won’t attract any clicks, so invest a lot of time into building different audiences first

3) Ads with likes and comments perform much better

A simple trick is to run your ad with the Engagement objective for a week before swapping it to your final stage objective (Conversion, Sale or Lead).

4) Create Buyer Personas

Define audiences with buyer personas by identifying what traits your customers share

5) Test at least 4 Ads in an Adset (unless your budget is limited)

Ideally, test out 4 different versions of ads, we’ve found Adspresso’s  2 different images + 2 different copy tactic works well.

6) Use short headlines

Facebook’s own studies recommend that the highest engaging ad headlines are between 25-40 characters in length.

7) Watch out for Relevance & Frequency

Make sure you check your Relevance & Frequency scores often! Most people ignore these completely, but a highly relevant ad (using defined audiences) will result in much cheaper clicks! You can “cheese” the Frequency scores by just changing ad images too, this will counter Ad fatigue.

8) Use a CTA

Include a Call To Action – sounds obvious, but many ads don’t actually mention what they want you to do

9) Use bright borders around your image

Adding a bright border around your ad images may increase your click-through rate – sounds silly but this does work!

10) Utilise Testimonials

If you’re struggling with Ad text, try using a short but powerful customer testimonial.

11) Reduce waste by using breakdowns

To reduce wasted spend, click on Breakdown and segment your ad reports by Placement and remove any that aren’t performing, you can also do this for Device and Time of Day.

12) People buy people

Use people’s faces in your ad images, they outperform animations and illustrations in most cases.

13) Include Your URL

Include your URL in the Ad text just above the image/video to increase CTR.

14) Spend at least £5 per Ad

You should be spending at least £5 per day per Ad to give it a proper chance to perform.

Want more? Here are some best practices:

Best practices for headlines: Include Numbers, use positive words, emphasise benefits, show value

Best practices for Ad text: Be very specific about exactly what you’re offering and include testimonials or go the other route and tell a story, people enjoy personal stories.

Best practices for Link Description: Explain the features and benefits of your product or service. Use FOMO to create urgency.

That about wraps it up, if you have any more tips that you think we’ve missed then please share them in the comments.

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