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So you want to learn Digital Marketing?

How To Learn Digital Marketing

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I see a lot of users on websites such as Reddit and Twitter asking how to learn Digital Marketing. Fortunately the barrier to entry is very low providing you put the hours in. A lot of the highest quality resources are free, so you can build an effective understanding of Digital Marketing in a relatively short period of time.

Short Answer:

Complete Google’s Digital Garage and then read every article on our Digital Marketing Resources and subscribe to the recommended blogs.

Long answer:

It really depends what path you want to take. If you want to have a well-rounded foundation then the following provides a good place to start:

  • Complete Google’s Digital Garage
  • Complete Google Ad Fundamentals Exam
  • Complete Your Google Analytics IQ Qualification

Then complete the following courses:

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If you would like to just specialise in a specific service then go through the QA below:

Q: How do I learn SEO?

A: Read our Beginner’s guide to SEO then read Moz’s SEO guide and round it off with reading all the articles on Ahref’s blog. Now setup your own website and try rank it for a specific phrase.


Q: How do I learn Facebook Ads?

A: Facebook’s Blueprint covers pretty much everything you need. That said if you want to broaden your knowledge then I’ve wrote some pretty decent articles covering Facebook Ad tips and tricks and the basics of making money from marketing funnels and Facebook Ad Campaign Structures. AdSpresso and Jon Loomer are two of the best blogs for keeping up to date with more intermediate concepts.


Q: How do I learn Google Ads?

A: Google’s own courses are a great place to start.

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Ahref’s published a video covering How to get a Job in Marketing, in which their co-founders explain their journey, it’s relevant and worth a watch.

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