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Dont underestimate Email Marketing and how we doubled a clients revenue with MailChimp

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We recently took on a new Ecommerce client who sells wellbeing products. Their main sources of traffic were Organic Search and Google Ads.

We asked them how Email was performing as a sales channel and were shocked to discover they had over 4000 subscribers just sat there doing nothing, not even chasing abandoned carts.

We licked our lips and got access to their MailChimp account. Within 2 hours of completing our automation emails they had 150% more sales compared with the previous day.

Email marketing isn’t dead. On the contrary, it’s alive and well – if you know how to play the game. – Nick Wolny[

We implemented the following to achieve this:

  1. Abandoned cart series:
    3 emails each with an increasing discount sent after 1 hour, 1 day then 7 days.
  2. We Miss you series:
    3 emails with again an increasing discount sent 30/60/90 days apart.
  3. Re engagement/list cleanse:
    We did a one off campaign to remove any deadwood by offering a heavy discount to subscribers that had no purchased for a year, if they still ignore this email they were unsubscribed.
  4. Thank you series:
    2 emails. One that was sent a day after ordering with a discount to encourage them to come back. The second was sent after 10 days requesting feedback with another small discount.
  5. Remarketing series:
    Targeting any subscriber who viewed a product but didn’t add to cart with a reminder email and a small discount.

There’s nothing that special in this implementation, but email marketing is often neglected when it should definitely be one of your most cherished sales channels as an ecommerce website.

Disclaimer: We also implemented list segments, branded all the emails, created beautifully designed emails, personalised the email copy and wrote engaging subject lines.

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