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Do you know how your customer thinks, breathes and acts?

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If you run any sort of business, how helpful would it be if you could know exactly how your customer thinks, breathes and acts?

By utilising Google Analytics you can not only find out that information but also target them in marketing campaigns if you’ve setup your tracking correctly.

Here’s an example of some of the things you could discover about your customers:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Relationship status
  • Interests
  • Income
  • Why do they need your service
  • When do they need your service
  • Their fears and desires
  • When do they use internet
  • Do they access internet via desktop or mobile
  • What kind of words they use when describing the problem your service solves
  • What do they hate about yours and similar services
  • What they like about your website
  • How they discovered your business

It’s not rocket science to obtain this information if you know what to look for.

With this insightful knowledge you could then tailor your services or products to customer groups that you’ve identified, for example you may find out your average customer is a 45 year old male who mainly browses your website using a desktop around 8pm-10pm.

With that information you could then create an audience on Facebook targeting such users or create a segmented list to use in your Google Ad campaigns, with Ad copy written with the customer in mind, which should result in a much higher conversion rate.

We can audit or implement Google Analytics for your business, so you can created tailored and targeted marketing campaigns that convert.



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